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The Office of International Affairs (OIA) was founded in 2011. The OIA aims to support NCNU's international research, academic programs, activities, and facilitates collaborations throughout the world. The OIA provides coordination and communications services, administers a faculty seed-grant program for new global collaborations, and supports the development of new overseas programs and facilities. We develop University-wide policies and initiatives that support international research and collaboration. We work regularly with the deans, faculty, and research staff to address legal and regulatory requirements that may have an impact on international research. We coordinate the University's international contingency planning process and serves on several University-wide committees that develop the infrastructure to support NCNU's international activities.

Missions and Visions

- Engages NCNU student's and faculty in educational and research experieneces internationally;

- facilitates the integration of international students and scholars into Ohio State’s world of knowledge;

- fosters excellence in the study of languages, the history of arts and cultures and their societies, and international security; and

- provides information and access to Ohio State’s academic expertise for the benefit of communities the world over.

The NCNU community relies on the unique international expertise of the Office of International Affairs to provide it with information and access to premier opportunities in a global setting.


The OIA is organized into two branches:

- The International Programs Division:

Responsibilities include welcoming foreign stakeholders and guests, ratifying international agreements, implementing faculty exchange programs and international research projects, organizing international conferences and exhibitions, as well as engaging NCNU in global alliances and events. The division also develops student exchange programs and coordinates summer programs abroad. The division also runs NCNU’s Summer programs, designs tailored programs for overseas partners, develops a comprehensive selection of Chinese language and culture programs open to all international students, and works with colleges and departments to increase NCNU's offering of English-language curricula.

-The International Students Division

Its main role is to assist and advise local and incoming international students. This division recruits, assists and advises international students, and processes scholarships. The team actively helps international students to become and feel part of NCNU's academic communities, and promotes an active, balanced student life where cross-cultural exchanges and open dialogues are encouraged.

Office Hours: 8:30- 17:00, Monday - Friday

Locations: 2F, Administration Building