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University Telephone Number : +886-49-2910960

Emergency Telephone Number: +886-49-2910000

Postal Address: # 1 University Road, PULI, NANTAO, TAIWAN 545



icon_01 Visiting and Exchange Students, Prospectus and Admission enquiries:

Ms. Kate Lee, Office of International Affairs,
Email: fxli@ncnu.edu.tw, TEL: +886 492910960 Extention: 3663


icon_01 Degree Students, Prospectus and Admission enquiries:
Yu-Shan Sung, Office of International Affairs,
Email:yssung@ncnu.edu.tw, TEL:
+886 492910960 Extention: 2230


icon_01 Computing and Telecommunications Support:

Mr. Shun-Te Chen, Computer and Network Center,
Email: chensd@ncnu.edu.tw, TEL: +886 492910960 Extention: 4022