Mountains, Waters, Puli- Beautiful NCNU
The beautiful "ShuiShaLian" takes people to the state of reverie. The name is the composition “Shui”, beautiful Sun Mon Lake water and “Tsualihen”, the aboriginal habitat. ShuiShaLian is made up of mountains, hills, basins and rivers. It ranges from 300 meters to 3605 meters, covering animal habitats from cold to warm weather. Together with diverse ecological environments and people from numerous regions, Puli has gradually developed into a multicultural community.
Puli is also known as the "Flowery City" because of its abundant resources and comfortable weather. Besides its beautiful environment, each year, Puli community holds numbers of events: book clubs, celebrations, festivals, artists and historians’ gatherings… etc. These community sponsored events shape multicultural and unity awareness in Puli.
NCNU officially established in 1995. The campus is situated in Puli towards art avenue of Sun Moon Lake. Chinese architecture, vast grassland and nature infuse in ShuiShaLian. NCNU obtains great natural landscape: HeHuan Mountains is visible in the day, starry host are visible at night. WuShe, AOWANDA National Forest Recreation Area, Sun Moon Lake, XinZhongHeng, HeHuan Mt., Hui Sun Forest Field are all nearby. The beautiful campus cultivates students with broader perspective and mindset. NCNU also designed a series of feature sports with the advantage of abundant natural resources: horseback riding, archery, gulf, softball, swimming and ballroom dance.

Diverse ecological parks environments is our campus landscape objective. Particularly, Taiwan Shan ecological park, NCNU Black Forest, Spring Cherry & Winter Plum & Apricot Forest, Bischofia javanica Green Tunnel, Bamboo Forest, Art Signposts, Skyline Landmark Navigation, NCNU Sounds of Nature Park, Taiwan's Native Botanical Garden Trails and Waterway Ecological Landscape Project.

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