NCNU's athletics program has always offered diversie choices, but now this diversity is even greater as it adds programs in archery, rowing, golf, and equestrian sports.

NCNU can offer athletics programs through its unique advantages, unavailable to most schools in Taiwan, and as a result its atheletics program fits the grends developing in society and the world in general. The advantages which chi Nan has harnessed include its tremendous natural and social resources, such as Sun Moon Lake, where Chi Nan students now practice the sort of collegiate rowing made famous by the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race, and flourishing leisure activities in the area, such as horse riding trackes and archery ranges, have allowed it to develop a different type of leisure sport program. Such programs, rare in Taiwan until now, have allowed NCNU to enliven its physical eudcation program, and have allowed NCNU's students to learn a new language, the universal language of sports, and provide memories that will last a lifetime after graduation, memories of a unique experiences.