NCNU Clinical Services

Cooperating with Puli Veterans Hospital (PVH), the NCNU Clinical Services include same-day medical care for urgent problems, preventive health visits, testing, immunization, care for pre-existing conditions and physical exams.



Family Medicine, General Medical, "minor injury treatment, health counseling and services, physical checkup, diet program, smoking cessation program, vaccinations (Hepatitis A & B, tetanus toxoid, Influenza, Cervical cance), examinations (Liver functions, Blood Glucose, Blood fatty, ...), transferal, drug safety counceling service

Hours: Monday-Friday: 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Location: General Teaching Building- A NCNU Medical Center

Phone Extentions: 2750, 2751

If you require more specialized care, your clinician may refer you to a specialist in the local community for further evaluation and treatment.

Puli Christian Hospital

For more than fifty years, Puli Christian Hospital has dedicated a tremendous amount of effort in servicing the people in the mountainous regions. The history of its continuous growth can be seen from the original wards erected by bamboo shoots to today’s hospital building that has as many as four hundred beds for the patients. All these achievements would not be possible without the hard works by its staff over the years.

Puli Veterans Hospital (PVH)

Located within Puli basin, Puli Veterans Hospital (PVH) is approximately one mile from Taiwan Geographic Center, the central point of Taiwan. It can be reached within 20 min by car from the scenic route to Sun Moon Lake in the Wushe area. Under the policy of vertical integration in the healthcare of VAC, Puli Veterans Hospital has been corperated by Taichung Veterans General Hospital in the beginning of January 2012. The quality of healthcare will be greatly anticipated within the great Puli region.