Recreation Sports Facility

Ideally located in the heart of Taiwan, NCNU retain expansive lawn and unique geographical environment. With Sun Moon Lake and Cing Jing Farm nearby, NCNU integrate educational goals and geo-environment features with archery, boating, ballroom dancing, tennis and swimming.


NCNU's athletics program has always offered diverse choices, but now diversity is even greater as it adds programs in archery, rowing, golf, tennis, and eqquestran sports. NCNU can offer such programs through its unique advantages, unavailable to most schools in Taiwan, and as a result its athletics program fits the trends developing in society and the world in general. The advantages which NCNU has harnessed include its tremendous natural and social resources, such as Sun Moon Lake, where NCNU students now practice the sort of collegiate rowing made frnous by the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race, and flourshing leisure activities in the area, such as horse riding trackes and archery ranges, have allowed it to develop a different type of leisure sport program. Such programs, rare in Taiwan until now, have allowed NCNU to enliven its physical education program, and have allowed NCNU's students to learn a new language, the universal language of sports, and provide memories that will last a lifetime after graduation, memories of a unique experience.

Recreation Sports Facility Space

1. Track Field

The 31060 square meter track field features 400 meters PU runway, 3000 meters obstacles pool, high jump field, discus throw field, soccer field, javelin throw field, pole vault, third level long jump field, shot put throw field, hammer and discus facilities.

2. Wholesome and Energetic Campus Facility

There are outdoors fitness facilities nearby NCNU Guest House, students’ dormitory, College of Science and Technology. NCNU Guest House is also equipped with indoor fitness facilities.

3. Softball Fields

Prior to reconstruction, soccer field served as alternate softball field, the land is now served as fitness center. In late 2008, the nearly 1700 square meters camphor forest was completed with two qualified softball fields.

4. Fitness Center

Fitness center is an upscale 9791 square meters building comprises one lower ground floor and three upper ground floors. The fitness center features main auditorium, which can hold a 3000 people gathering, multifunctional activity room, fitness center, racquetball court, squash court, community theater and heated pool.

5. Students’ Activity Center

The 8484 square meters building comprises one lower ground floor and three upper ground floors. The facilities include performance hall, multifunctional visual rooms, special classrooms for music, piano and baking, society programs classrooms and organization offices for students’ organizations, academic, celebrations, gatherings and all sorts of activities.