National Chi Nan University (NCNU) is located in Puli, Nantou County; the geographic center of Taiwan.


Puli is one of the last unspoiled areas of western Taiwan, with its country folkways, weather like spring all year round, many cultural activities, harmonious community relationships, and its rich natural and cultural resources. For these reasons, Puli is a most suitable charming township for living, recreation and artifacts.

With the mild weather, temperature and fertile soil. Puli supplies fresh and tasty water bamboo, sweet and juicy red sugarcane, fresh fruit and concentrated juicy passion fruit; excellent and delicate flowers. There are also a lot of well- known industries such as Shaoxing wine, handmade paper, natural lacquer wares, rice noodles, Blacksmith street and etc. While the traditional industries are facing the crisis of declining due to social environment changes, local cultural workers and publisher work hard for the reconstruction of artistic awareness, enhancing of cultural events participation and stimulation of community creativity. Certain cultural and artistic events are combined with local tourism industry to vitalize the regional characteristic industries to society.

Over forty years of devotion to the flourishing art activities in Puli, there are many non-governmental, self-motivated organizations that contribute to the flourishing art activities in Puli constantly without any spare of effort. Within this NGO and cultural organization, Puli is stepping forward a town with highly artistic essence and awareness.

Artistic activity has been ubiquitous as a part of life in Puli. Gradually, there are more and more elites and talented people devoting themselves into the cultural and artistic events and promotion in Puli. With the combination of tourism resource, artists are revitalizing the charm and context into the artistic industries; therefore, successful spreading of cultural activities attracts more than 1 million tourists visiting Puli every year.