Food Services in Campus

With Chinese Restaurant, Western Style restaurant, food court, convenience stores and café facilitated in campus, it is quite convenient to live in NCNU campus.


(1) Chinese Restaurant:Including Chinese buffet,Chinese style course dishes, variable choice for students and faculties. During the breakfast time, both Chinese and Western style breakfast are served.

(2) Western restaurant: Western style dishes are served in the Western restaurant; feel free to enjoy the western style.

(3) Food court:Both Chinese and Western style breakfast are served at the second floor (outside balcony), and many different restaurants serves both Chinese and Western meals inside the food court.

(4) 7-11:Convenience store is also here at your service, there are 24 hours supply no matter in food, drink, washing set and other necessities. Several seats are provided for short-term break in the convenience store.

(5) 7-11 Humanity College café:Convenience store set in the College of Humanity operated since 2011 where pastry and café service are provided, and a best place for faculties and students during class breaks within beautiful surroundings and quite space.

Out Campus

The food type in Puli is still traditional. You can find lots of traditional snakes in Puli.