Overseas Compatriots Students

To facilitate global interaction, NCNU have always emphasized on internationalization and creating diverse campus experiments for students. Each department opens more admission space for foreign students in comparison with other universities. Since 1996, overseas Chinese students have raised from 21 students to 380 students, about 6 percent of students bodies, giving the university the most international student bodies among four-year Taiwan institutions. Most overseas Chinese students from Macao, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Hong Kong study at College of Humanities and College of Management. As of August 2013, there are more than 700 graduated overseas Chinese students, some return to home countries while some remain in Taiwan.


Internationalization has become our educational focus: in September 2011, NCNU officially established Office of International Affairs with International Students Unit as the dedicated unit. Each year, Overseas Chinese Students Association hosts numerous events such as overseas Chinese freshmen orientations, festivals, sports competitions, international week, graduation celebration and much more. These activities have bonded students’ relationships, nurtured many outstanding leaders and strengthened students’ teamwork capabilities. NCNU offers comprehensive guidance and assistance for foreign students, from living adaptation, academic learning, psychological care, organizations’ activities, stipends, to graduates contacts, NCNU implement a comprehensive system for overseas Chinese students to receive better care.

To strengthen students’ Chinese language proficiency, admitted overseas Chinese students are required to take Chinese language proficiency test. Students will be assigned to different levels of Chinese class based on their Chinese proficiency. We also offer basic tutorial classes for overseas Chinese students with unsatisfactory results to maximize their learning ability. Overseas Chinese students frequently receive Book Award for their academic excellence while graduated overseas Chinese students often excel through recommendation track or research institutions. Outstanding overseas Chinese students are awarded with scholarships while students from low-income family can receive low-income stipends and part-time working opportunities. Besides these benefits, overseas Chinese students also have dormitory priority.

Since University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Student established in 1996, we have been responsible for examinations, distributions and propaganda for overseas Chinese students to study in domestic universities.

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