In 1995, National Chi Nan University is established in Puli town, which has spectacular scenery and is productive of distinguished people. In accordance with the spirit of Golden Mean the University stands in Taiwan, widely scanning the world, insisting on the Doctrine of the Mean, only ending when moral perfection is achieved. Based on such faith, the establishment of Graduate Institute of Adult & Continuing Education, NCNU, also aspires to cultivate outstanding professionals of Adult & Continuing Education. In 1997, the institute is planned and applied to the Ministry of Education by Professor Guo-Cih Yang, and officially established in 1999 academic year. So far there are Chairman Ciou-Rong Wang, the first to be appointed, Acting Chairman Ming-De Ye, Chairman Ying Li, and present Chairman Ming-Lieh Wu. Though at the earthquake of 921 seriously damages the institute when it is just established, we defy hardship and danger, opening up a steady road.


The institute is going to apply for establishment of Graduate School recently, so that the development of the Institute of Adult & Continuing Education could achieve perfection, and reacts to the eager demand of professionals of adult education for striding toward life long learning society. Besides, the institute is positively planning to cooperate with overseas academic communities for academic exchanges and student exchange, so as to hope the teachers and students of the institute can taka a broader view of the world, looking into the future.


The goals of the institute not only hope to popularize academic research of Adult Education, also strengthen cooperation with various kinds of institutions, accumulate practical working experiences, and consolidate the combination of theory and practice, so as to train up all kinds of professionals of program design, administration, research, and so on. Therefore, throughout lifelong learning activities our society can head toward learning society.


The characteristics of the courses of the institute are based on Taiwan local cultures to take a broad view of the international trend of development. The subject matters divide into two parts of basic adult education and domain courses. Basic adult education covers basis of adult education theory, research methodology, practicum, etc. The domain courses emphasize on taking effect the concept of lifelong learning and all-people education throughout “Human beings live in relationships.” Thus, according to the relationships while individual develops, there are three academic groups: culture academic group, organization learning and organization development, family and community development. Last when the future social trend of development is concerned, “Accomplishments of Technology and Mass Media” are essential, so that it is brought into as a learning field.